How to get a writing center account ?

Authors are required to send an outline by email to us and we will get back to the email within 7-30 working days after receipt.

The outline should include a detailed description of the main characters, story background, plot development, highlights and ending. A story of 1000 words per chapter is recommended.

Your application has been submitted.
We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
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We provide the following supports to our authors:

· A generous share of bonuses and profit:

We have a Signing Bonus of $50, an Updating Bonus of $180, a Completion and Renewal Bonus up to $300, or advance payment/ buyout payment for exclusive novels. In addition to these bonuses, you’ll also get a profit share when your novel sells well.

· One-on-one guidance from an editor:

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· Promote your novel(s) to millions of readers:

After we sign your novels, we will recommend them to NovelDom's millions of users. NovelDom will help you gain more followers, and hold various activities to get readers tuned in. NovelDom has built a good reputation among readers. So you can explore your fan base here and make your novels known over the world.

· Copyright-to-IP development:

In the future, we will recommend excellent novels to film, comic, and animation companies around the world. Your story may be adapted into an animation, TV dramas, or film, gain worldwide attention and make an impact. Let the world hear your voice!