How To Set A Particular Character Or Scenario

How To Set A Particular Character Or Scenario

Writing for me started out as a hobby to express my emotions, for me it was never about being a professional author but finding bliss and happiness in my own small fantasy, for the fact that I wished to roam places that I could never reach, to feel the emotions and experience a form of life beyond this world through the characters I create.

This journey was beyond beautiful yet it came with it's own ups and downs. My first book was not a deal breaker when it was published rather it only managed to gain a hundred reads in a week but that's the special part of writing. Every chapter you create today may not feel necessary, maybe not everyone would come forward to appreciate your work but slowly and steadily the reads will come around followed by readers who would appreciate all your efforts, just like in my case.

So to all the newly budding authors out there, do not be afraid of failures or of how would you be able to do justice to your work, it sure would not happen in a single day but eventually you will get there just like I went from a few hundred reads to being an author that earns well enough.

Saying that, here I would like to demonstrate that how the vocabulary and tone related to a particular character or scenario make the audience curious to know them more, storyline is important but the description is what makes the game run.

Thus, the three pillars for excellent description are stated below.

    The beauty of the female protagonist be it a rebellious dutchess in Victorian age, a warrior princess in battlefield or rather a simplistic damsel in the morden world, the audience loves variation and also appreciates unique features and qualities. If one had to describe eyes there could be a simplistic version:
    SENTENCE 1: 'She has beautiful brown eyes'.
    Now even though the above sentence conveys the colour and calls the eyes 'beautiful' yet it fails to express it by being vague.
    CORRECTION SENTENCE 1: 'Irises bathed in illuminiscence of cocoa coloured stardust were her soul that watched others with interest.'
    It is the same meaning yet with profound emotions and better technique.
    An important thing for designing your lead characters is to exaggerate their personalities in negative, positive or neutral perspectives.
    SENTENCE 1: ' He was an extremely sharp scholar.'
    CORRECTION SENTENCE 1: ' The world shall behold the sight of a genius born once in a millennia.'
    SENTENCE 2: 'He was an ordinary person from a simple background.'
    CORRECTION SENTENCE 2: 'Born in a humble society, his origins and core both became simplistic.'
    SENTENCE 3: 'She was a woman with a rotten personality.'
    CORRECTION SENTENCE 3: Monstrosity had no form yet it reflected in her own consciousness. People are born with empathy yet she was cursed with a poisonous heart.'
  1. Sex scenes/ intimate scenes: A small mistake in this scenario can lead up to conveying alot of unwanted things to the audience. This is a great opportunity to convey the real emotions between the protagonists or others for that matter thus I advice writing the whole scenario before hand and reading it the next day to see the mistakes.
    SCENARIO 1: He twisted my hands behind my back maintaining his gentle and slow rhythm. I felt a bit of pain passing through my body as he controlled me yet my love for him converted it all into the feelings of pleasure, his kiss was proof enough that he loved me beyond anything.
    At first glance a new author may find it alright yet the words are crude and the way the female protagonist is describing her feelings can be all her imagination because there is no way it is being conveyed that the Male protagonist truly loves is simply what she believes.
    CORRECTION SCENARIO 1: My wrist held in his palms were like the roses being rubbed on my skin, twisting it gently behind my back that arched for him, he wrote symphonies of love and poetry of devotion on my body. The pain that I experienced for a moment was like death to him, yet how can I convey to him, my soulmate that the pleasure and love he showered me with was something I could even die for and would reincarnate again to be just by his side.
    A small mistake here may cost you your readers because even though you might be mentioning about rough sex all it comes to is that both the characters engaging in it might find it content and not manipulative or toxic.
    For that the trick is to imagine your own self with your loved one and write how would you like them to treat you, basically write your emotions without omitting anything.
  2. Toxic relationships with manipulation: Readers don't hate dark romance, they actually hate dark romances with happy endings where the toxic person remains the way they were without changing for better or where there is not another person to replace the toxic character.

The books of these kinds that glorify toxicity might gain readers because ' negative publicity is also publicity' yet they would not remain there for long thus the best way to avoid angry readers is to describe the situation in a better way, make the tone gloomy and sad, just like there is suffocation and chill in the surroundings:

  1. specify your true motto by writing a warning in description itself or rather conveying through your chapters that the author ie you accept that this is not a healthy relationship and your true intentions are to change it, supposedly in case of domestic violence your intention to write the book is to  create awareness.

Excerpt from my book Tainted

Terror is not only the touch of a monster, true horror is the craving the essence of their skin rubbing against yours, igniting and burning and yet defying the truth that it wasn't love that he showed. No it was not a poetry that he wrote upon your skin. It wasn't a prayer that left his mouth blissfully when he touched that innocence of yours.

It was a sick play for him. A horrendous pleasure he got when he marked your skin red, ripping off your clothes, poison...his touch was venomous on your body and the venom would one day tear your soul apart.

No feeling was involved, neither kindness was bestowed nor a choice was given and yet the heart refused to believe that it was abuse.

Alaric hands grasped Karma's waist trailing upwards as his lips moved in dominance bruising her soft pink petals.

Behind the school in a secluded class which was abandoned due to left out construction work their bodies rubbed against each other feverishly. Arrays of classrooms which were cemented stormy gray hid them as his fingers wrapped around her blue top pulling it upwards.

"H-here? Alaric-"

"Shhh don't you love me?" he sucked a spot on her neck.

" I-Yes"

"Then trust me."


C) Cute scenes:

Take note of what the readers would love and use words which tend to glorify the sweetness of the character and the depict an extremely happy aura with an abundant supply of flowers and romantic experiences. Use the way poets of Victorian age- loads of appreciation, beautiful scenes and a light atmosphere without forgetting to show the doting love or care of a closely related person to that character.

Excerpt from my book Fragile:

The artificial lagoon was shallow and was not at all enough to drown her, also her frock would not be dirtied if she would be careful.

The girl stepped her foot inside the water raising her dress above her knees to stop if from getting wet, with cautious baby steps she went further in the middle towards the lotus she wished to have.

When the desired bloom floated near her she was too excited to notice the mud beneath it making her feet slip as she fell down in the mud with a heavy thump. The mafia prince was searching for her when he saw a white visage from far away in the pond and the pretty princess loose her footing, Ares ran towards the girl.

"Rose!" Rose was blank for a moment, all dirtied by mud with soil splashed on her face ,flock all stained, her ears started ringing as soon as she heard Ares's call. She did not even dared to look up as tears filled her eyes.

The water sloshed and Rose trembled in terror, now he would not be nice to her, he would truly hate-

"Baby" Ares cupped her face gently, wiping off the mud on her cheeks and nose.

"Here, don't cry doll. You almost made it there." The man plucked the big white lotus from its floating leaves and kept it infront of Rose, who looked at him in utter surprise, the shame washing away. Those dusty cyans had nothing but concern and longing.

"Y-You got dirty for me?" Her voice was a whisper as she saw his shirt no better than her own dress.

"Absolutely not! I saw a fairy in pond and wished to catch hold of her. My intentions are pure evil."

I hope these tips would help you in your endeavors.

AltiRead gave me the opportunity for an unbiased and honest overview in aspects that I was lacking, all the while taking initiatives to make my works feel appreciated with incentives and promotions so i would like to convey my humble gratitude to them.