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The Wolf King's Daughter

by Mona

Feb. 28 2023

Turning eighteen is a lucky day for werewolves because it is the day you receive a blessing from Luna, the queen of the moon.But for me, that day marked the beginning of my nightmare.From that day on, my life was shattered. Everything I had was taken away from me, and I had no choice but to leave my pack ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of The Wolf King's Daughter or download the app to read the entire series

Chapter 1 Nightmare

Turning eighteen is a lucky day for werewolves because it is the day you receive a blessing from Luna, the queen of the moon.

But for me, that day marked the beginning of my nightmare.

From that day on, my life was shattered. Everything I had was taken away from me, and I had no choice but to leave my pack.


The night is late, and the moonlight, like a wedding veil, envelops the dark earth.

I was standing on the top floor of the tower located in the heart of the forest.

It was built for me by my father himself and his pack, which is so high that the top of the tower has surpassed the entire forest canopy.

It is also taller than all the houses in the clan.

Here, I can see the sunrise and sunset without any barriers. I can also see the haze, the enormous moon, and the sky filled with dense stars.

Ever since my father first carried me up, smiled, and said to me, "Oh, my most precious little princess Lizzy, this is the gift I built for you." This princess building then became my favorite place.

It was a symbol of my father's love and proof of my status.

As the princess of the werewolf pack, Windrunner, I grew up knowing that I would have to take over my mother's role as Luna.

I knew I had to do my best, so the pressure was immense.

Whenever I felt frustrated, I would secretly cry here.

I would also come here to relax when I achieved something.

And when I lit the lamp at the top of the tower, the whole pack could see it from afar, and they would say, "Princess Lizzy has come to her tower tonight again. Is something happening to her?

My business is the news in the pack, and everyone is concerned about me, cares about me, and loves me.

Just a few years ago, my father made a special trip up here, pointed north, and said:

"In a place far, far away, lies the territory of the royal wolf pack."

"Legend has it that there is a pack composed of alphas, along with their renowned leader, the Alpha King - Clay."

"The wolves revere them deeply, but no one dares to come near them because the legend says that all wolves who have been there have died."

Since then, curiosity and a slight sense of fear have compelled me to frequently gaze north at the rooftop of the tower, almost every few days.

Every moonlit night, I would always hear a mournful howl coming from the north, causing my heart to ache as if destiny were summoning me.

But now I'm about to leave this place.

For I have lost everything in this pack, except for myself and my wolf, Opal.

Opal jumped up on the railing and looked at me with concern. "Liz, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, after all. I made the decision, didn't I?"

I gently stroked Opal's beautiful, two big tails and whispered softly.

Yes, my wolf has two tails somehow, and there is no record of such a wolf in the ancient books.

Opal is a stunning silvery-white wolf, as enigmatic as the moonlight. She is larger than any wolf I have ever seen, standing almost as tall as me.

Its pair of eyes is not ordinary green wolf eyes but has a flame-like glow, like the most beautiful fire opal.

And she seems to have the power of prophecy, so she would occasionally offer guidance to me.

Such a powerful, amazing, and beautiful wolf and I have to hide it away so that no one can see it.

Because of what Opal said, I am now a person without a pack. With Opal's uniqueness, it will instead put both of us at risk.

Not only does she not let others see her, but she has deliberately erased the scent we leave behind.

So, I also had to put up with all kinds of misunderstandings from the pack. They all thought I didn't have a wolf.

We werewolves will awaken our own wolves at the age of eighteen, and without them, we would look handicapped.

However, on that fateful day.

My sister, Rita, who had been missing for ten years and recently reunited with my family, awakened a mysterious blue wolf, which allowed her to effortlessly take my position.

When we appeared together, she was always surrounded by many people, while I, on the other hand, was always alone.

The people who used to flatter me began to bully me, both explicitly and implicitly, because they knew it would please Rita.

Not only that, but my parents seemed to withdraw their affection for me, and my quality of life plummeted. I found myself confined to a dark room, day after day, with only the sound of birds singing outside the window as a reminder of the freedom I longed for.

It all started on my 18th birthday.

Two months ago, on that day, I was happily watching my pack decorate the house with laurel branches.

I was greeted respectfully by all the clansmen who passed by, with words of congratulations: "Lizzy, congratulations."

And I nodded and smiled at them.

Looking out of the enormous glass window, massive piles of firewood were being stacked on the hillside outside the house.

There were clansmen carrying food and wine back and forth, and the air was filled with the scent of whiskey, which was made from the freshest wheat of the year.

I have to go back to my room later to try on the dress that was just delivered because there will be a big party tonight.

It was an eighteenth birthday gift from the most powerful Alpha warrior and matriarch of the pack - my Alpha father and my Luna mother.

I will awaken my wolf at the rising of the moon.

I even was hoping that Anthony, the son of Beta, whom I secretly had a crush on, would become my destined mate, I prayed that the moon gods would bless us.

At that moment, my heart filled with joy as I saw my father and mother enter the hall with a stunning young girl by their side.

"Father, Mother!" I greeted them.

They stood still. They were very serious, while the young girl was smiling.

Although she was smiling, somehow my heart felt a little unsettled.

It wasn't just pure joy, but also something I couldn't put into words.

"Liz, this is your long-lost sister, our daughter, Rita."

I looked at her, stunned.

"Mother, I have a sister?"

"Yes. You were born on the same day, and then she disappeared."

"Thanks to the blessing of the Moon Goddess, we finally got her back." The mother said mournfully.

"Ah... this... is a good thing." I didn't know what to say for a moment.

"Congratulations, Mother, and Rita."

She nodded and gently stroked Rita's hair.

"Rita has had a difficult time over the years; it has been hard for her."

"We should make it up to her."

"So, Liz, originally at your birthday party this evening, we would have announced you as my heir."

"But things are different now. Tonight, I will announce to the pack that Rita will be my heir."

"What?" I screamed in shock.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"It's true, Liz, and I agree with your mother's decision," Father spoke up as well.

I stared dead at my father and mother.

And Rita stood between them.

She was still smiling.

But I now realize that she was being smug while pretending to be torn.

"Father, my sister grew up in the pack and is more suitable than I."

When my father heard this, I didn't expect him to be more distressed. He held her hands and said,

"No, Rita, it's all yours in the beginning."

When I heard my father's words out without any hesitation, I felt my heart tremble and I became lost as if I had fallen into a deep pool.

I guess I must have looked disheveled because my mind was in turmoil and I couldn't utter a word.

Instead of coming over and hugging me and comforting me as she always did, my mother reached out and wrapped her arms around Rita.

At this point, I realized that Rita bore a striking resemblance to my mother.

Mother has light blonde hair and blue eyes, like a clear sky. She has a pointed chin, beautiful and indifferent.

So has Rita, and with the angle she raised her chin and squinted at me, she looked exactly like my mother.

Instead, I have black hair and turquoise eyes.

Originally, I thought I looked like my father.

But when Rita stood between them, I then realized that the shape of her forehead was exactly the same as her father's.

When the three of them stand together, anyone would immediately realize that they are a family.

My heart was deeply wounded.

Originally, I would have been so happy to have an extra family member.

I would love my long-lost sister.

But now my parents' decision was too much for me to accept as if I had been mercilessly abandoned by my own family and pack from this very moment.

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