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Secretly Love and Secretly Leave

by NovelDom

Feb. 14 2023

Almost everyone considered Joshua Williams was a dandy man except Lydia Grant. She thought, “No one treated me better than him.” He was like her faith, and a ray of light sparkling her entire life. But sadly, she chose to leave because she clearly knew that they couldn’t be the one for each other for life. Later, it gradually dawned on her that he had already fallen for her before she knew ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Secretly Love and Secretly Leave or download the app to read the entire series

  In CityA,New Year's atmosphere was everywhere except The Williams Group,where the annual party was in full swing.

  It was freezing cold and snowing in great flakes outside,while the room was warm and swamped with people wearing gorgeously and toasting each other.

  Lydia Grant glazed over at the carousel distracted,lowering her head to check the phone.

  Suddenly she felt a sharp rap on her elbow."Hey,guess what I heard in the lady room?"

  Lydia put her phone away and looked at Veronica,"What?"

  "Well,someone gossiped you threw yourself at a millionaire for money,and saw you walking out of a limo and flirting with a man,who they were curious to find out.Darn it,I can't believe those people are jealous of your beauty and cook up such a venomous story."

  Lydia lowered her eyelids and smiled,"Don't bother to think about it."

  Veronica was about to say something again when the silence suddenly swept the whole room.Lydia unconsciously lifted her eyes and looked across at the party.

  From the door came Joshua who was followed by some other gentlemen.

  Immediately,the party was clamorous again.

  There was a low murmur of conversation in the hall."Wow,what a lovely surprise!Joshua's coming!Are those men his friends?God,they are so handsome!"

  "They are damn gorgeous beyond description."

  Lydia cast her eyes on Joshua who walked towards the center of the hall.

  He had been overseas recently,which added the difficulty for them to contract each other.They had never talked for two weeks.

  She texted him once,but he was too occupied to continue the conversation.

  Under the light,she surrounded by the prevailing silence and peered at him quickly.He was right in front of her,but she still felt this was like a dream.

  The man stood there and engaged in a merry conversation.He was tall,and was blessed to have such a handsome and angular face.

  He looked imperturbable and his aloofness in the eyes almost kept all in distance.

  Perhaps it was New Year,Joshua smiled after speaking.

  At the sight of this,most girls were fascinated,and a brave girl even asked,"Mr.Williams,are you single?"

  Joshua glanced at that girl and raised his eyebrows.Suddenly his eyes met Lydia's clear and innocent eyes.

  Lydia glared at him,with her heart throbbing and eyelashes fluttering.

  What would he say?

  Would he declare their relationship or still keep silent...

  Joshua chuckled and answered politely,"This is private,pardon me."

  To his surprise,his politeness even encouraged their audacity."Mr.Williams,don't circumvent the topic!"

  Joshua clammed up,but his friend cut up,"Well,Mr.Williams,single,and keeps his nose clean."

  This ignited the whole party.But Joshua was not in the mood and refrained from talking.

  Veronica pulled Lydia's arms and screamed,"Oh my God,he is still single!"

  Lydia smiled slightly and took a sip of wine.The pain in her eyes almost sold her out.

  Joshua and his friends left soon.Gazing at his distant receding figure,Lydia held the fork petrified,and sank into melancholy.

  The total loneliness crept over Lydia,although she was in the crowd.

  Her phone flashed.A message came in.

  Lydia picked up the phone,and found the message was from him.

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I am so absorbed into these books… bye bye Netflix 😊

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Honestly I think this app is great. I use it pretty much everyday and I love it.

Steffie Cliff, 22th March

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I really can’t get enough of this app. I spend most of my time reading, even at work. I just need a little taste of a chapter. The authors of the books are geniuses, I am sooo appreciative of their efforts.

Kimberley Mills, 19th March

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