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Question abou Love or Hate

by Mila Chan

Feb. 14 2023

In Sasha's heart, Blake is a perfect man, handsome, rich and considerate. But such a man who loves her also has an affair with other women. It turns out that everyone around Sasha knew that Blake is cheating. She is the only one who has been kept in the dark. Sasha doesn't know whether to continue this marriage? Seven years of love, does it end from now on? ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Question abou Love or Hate or download the app to read the entire series

  That day, when I got home from work, I received an anonymous express.

  As soon as I opened it, two sets of cool underwear came into my view, which made me ashamed and angry.

  I thought I was harassed by a pervert and wanted to throw them into the dustbin, then a note dropped.

  "Sasha, your husband especially likes me to wear this kind of clothes. We somehow share a man, so I decided to send you a set generously!"

  I was breathless.

  My husband cheated?

  Also let that bitch send things to leave words to provoke me?

  At the moment when the idea came to me, I denied it quickly.

  My husband Blake and I fell in love on the university campus. We got married three years ago. After marriage, he doted on me as before. Even on a business trip, he would take the initiative to report the itinerary, and there was no sign of cheating at all.

  However, his decoration company had become bigger and bigger, and he had opened three branches, which had been hated by others.

  How could such a clean man mess around? It must be the tricks of his competitors.

  Thinking of this, I took the photos of the notes and clothes and sent to his phone.

  He quickly made a video call: "My dear, I gave you all my infatuation. These messy things must be sent by my competitors again. Don't throw them away until I come back from a business trip."

  Our idea coincided. I completely believed him, but suddenly I had a teasing idea, so I pretended to hesitate: "Are you sure you never cheat on me?"

  He opened the rear camera and scanned the hotel: "Then look at whether I cheat on you, or you can fly over to check it in person?"

  When I saw that he was serious, I said I was teasing him. While he was relieved, he also said he would fuck me hard when he got home.

  I put my cell phone on the shoe cabinet and was ready to take a bath, but when I bent over, I caught a glimpse of the picture. It was a naked women.

  Before I could see it, the video call was hung up.

  In an instant, the whole body's blood surged up to my head. Dizzy and swollen, I wanted to dial back to confirm, but cut it off before connecting.

  Taking a deep breath and persuading myself to calm down. No matter how flustered I am, I can't panic myself.

  It is said that no matter how stupid a man is, his IQ is comparable to Einstein when he had an affair. If Blake really cheated, my straightforward inquiry would only make him suspect. It's better to go and find out in person.

  I rushed to the airport. In the early morning, the plane landed. I took a cab and went straight to Blake's hotel. Then I knocked on the door.

  I didn't expect that it would be my cousin Lina who came to open the door. Her hair was messy and her head poked out of the crack of the door: "Sister, why are you here?"

  My husband and my cousin, in one room......

  The scene gave me a heavy hit. I grabbed the door handle to not to fall down. I was interrupted when I wanted to get angry.

  "Honey, who it is?" Another head poked out of the door. He saw me with an embarrassed expression, "Madam... Madam, why you're here..."

  The man's name is Mathews. He is Blake's secretary.

  I was a little confused: "Mathews, you and my sister..."

  Lina smiled shyly and came up to my ear: "We just confirm the relationship, he was caught by Blake during the day. Blake changed his room with Mathews and gave us the big bed room. To show my gratitude, I bought some snacks for Blake before going to bed."

  As she spoke, I noticed that she was wearing a naked nightdress and looked as if she wasn't wearing clothes.

  It turned out that it was Lina sending food to my husband.

  I thought dirty to my innocent husband and cousin. I felt more or less guilty. I hurried to Blake.

  It took several phone calls to wake up him. He opened the door with sleepy eyes.

  Several hours of suffering turned into passion at the moment I saw him. We were kissing in the room without lights on. Suddenly, he slowed down and said he would not do it without condoms.

  "It's okay......"

  "But you don't want to be pregnant. I can't take risks."

  I'm afraid of losing my shape and delaying my career. I'm even more afraid that poor education will destroy two generations. But today's experience makes me a little impulsive, so I said, "When I'm pregnant, I will give birth to him."

  He held my body, and soon became hard enough, fucking me horizontally and vertically, endless......

  When it was almost dawn, we were tired and went to sleep. When I woke up, Blake had gone to see the customer and transferred 10,0000 dollars to me. He asked me to go to lunch and shopping with Lina, and would come back early to accompany me in the evening.

  After a simple wash, I took my bag to find Lina. Unexpectedly, as soon as I opened the door, I heard Lina calling: "Blake, the hush money has been received, but you'd better be careful in the future. My sister must have noticed something last night, so she would come here to find adultery!"

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