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Never Gonna Let You Down

by Mona

Feb. 14 2023

Amaya Timothy is the adopted daughter of the Dalton family and the sinner Philip Dalton believes is indirectly responsible for his mother's death. She loves Philip, and at the age of 18, when her diary was exposed, her crush on him was made public. After Philip threw her diary on the ground and trampled on it, she realized that the man she loved would never like her ...... until one day a woman told her, "I saw your picture on Philip's phone" ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Never Gonna Let You Down or download the app to read the entire series

At the age of five

Amaya became the adopted daughter of the Dalton family

She called him brother for the first time

He said, "You're just like your mother, you make me sick."

At the age of eighteen

Her crush on him was made public

The portraits of him she drew and her diaries were thrown on the ground and trampled on.

He said, "Amaya, you asked for it!"

At the age of twenty-seven

He disappeared for three years, then came back

Also brought back a pregnant woman ......

"You can't have this baby!"

At the hospital, when Amaya walked through the hallway, she suddenly heard a familiar voice.


After three years, is he finally back?

She held her breath and stopped in her tracks, slightly feeling guilty because of eavesdropping.

A woman is crying: "... Please, please..."

"You will have another baby...." The man's voice was cold, dominant, without a hint of soothing.

Not only did he come back, but he also brought back a pregnant woman…

Amaya’s heart tightened. She didn’t want to listen to them anymore and fled.

Sitting in her office, she took out her cell phone and flipped out the familiar string of phone numbers, but did not have the courage to dial it. He didn’t reveal a word about his return, most likely on purpose…

"Dr. Timothy, aren’t you going home?" A nurse passing by asked out loud.

"You can go now; I still have some patient."

She knew that Philip would definitely move back to the Dalton Mansion when he returned, and in order to avoid seeing him, she deliberately stayed at the hospital until late at night before going back.

She and Philip are 'strangers' who have lived under the same roof for nineteen years.

The meaning of 'stranger' is that they are not related by blood. They are not family, not friends, not husband and wife.

She still vividly remembers the look of utter disgust on his face when he found the portrait of him she had secretly drawn and the diary she had written about him when she was eighteen.

Her crush was thus made public, and he treated it like trash, throwing it on the ground and trampling it at will.

From the moment she stepped into the Dalton family at the age of five, he hated her beyond measure.

His love, she was afraid to ask for it, so on the contrary, it seemed so ridiculous that she liked him.

When she entered, she did not turn on the lights. Having lived in this mansion for 22 years, she knew every detail and furnishing of the place.

Walking to her bedroom door, she had just gripped the doorknob when a sudden burst of heat hit behind her.

In the darkness, the man embraced her and kissed her, and the familiar scent wrapped her ......

She has never been able to resist him, especially after not seeing him for three years, and at the moment when she was about to sink, she suddenly thought of that incident during the day, and she should not be so light on herself again.

Gathering the courage to push him away, quickly put together her clothes: "You're drunk."

The man pinched her chin precisely and sneered: "If I wasn’t drunk, how would I come to you? What? It's only been three years and you've become a saint?"

Amaya bit her lip and did not say anything, she has long been immune to his vicious words.

Her silence irritated the man, squeezing her chin harder: "Know that I am back, and still dare to come back so late?

She lowered her eyes, and her voice trembled because of the pain: "You didn't tell me."

He suddenly came closer: "Everyone knows, you don't know?"

Yes, she ‘bumped’ into him and the pregnant woman at the hospital, and then saw the news, everyone knew he was back, and she was the last to know, on such an unexpected occasion.

She thought that he would not want to see her ever again.

Without waiting patiently for her answer, Philip forcibly picked her up and walked into his bedroom, going straight to the point.

Amaya panicked and raised her hand against his chest: "Brother!"

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