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Never Betray Our Love

by Vivi

Jan 02 2024

She loved him for ten years and could even devote her life to him.However, he hated her to the core. To take revenge on her, he dragged her down the abyss step by step...The history between them finally split them up. "I don't want to love you anymore. I regret it. I am not going to love you again!" she said firmly.However, in the end, he said, "But now I realize that I love you..." Keep scrolling to read the sample of Never Betray Our Love or download the app to read the entire series

Chapter 1 Raymond, I Am Hurting


  Hilda Parker, who had just finished her heart surgery, was dragged down by Raymond Morris and felt her body was numb. He was still dragging her with angry eyes.

  "Hilda Parker, are you so eager to marry me?" Raymond asked coldly and his grip was tighter. He forced her to look up at him.

  The pain almost made Hilda faint and her brain went blank at that moment, "What...what are you talking about?"

  When he saw her innocent face, the abusive light appeared in Raymond's eyes, which made Hilda tremble in fear.

  Before she came back to her senses, Raymond dragged her out of the room and the pain Hilda was experiencing made her not able to say a single word. She had to cry and weep.

  "Sir, what are you doing here? She is a patient and has just had the surgery! You can't..."

  Seeing this miserable scene in front of her, the nurse was going to step forward to stop Raymond but before she finished her words, she was pulled back by someone next to her.

  "Don't get involved! That man is CEO of the Morris Corporation?"

  This sentence made those who wanted to help Hilda stop in their tracks.

  Who would dare to mess up with the leader of the Morris Corporation!

  "Raymond! Let me go! Raymond, I am hurting..." Hilda was dragged from the hospital all the way to his car. Raymond pinched her chin and forced her to look at him.

  "You are hurting? By this? Then did you ask Karen if she was hurting when you took her heart? Did you know she was also hurting when you sent someone to hurt him?" After he finished his words, here came a slap that fell heavily on Hilda's face.

  The sudden ringing sensation in her ears made Hilda lose energy to think and she could not even understand what Raymond said to her.

  "What...what do you mean? What happened to Karen?" Hilda used all her might and endured the pain to speak out a full sentence.

  "Don't you know what happened to Karen? Are you still pretending you are innocent at this time? Don't you know Karen is dead now?! Where do you think you can your new heart?"

  Now as long as Raymond closed his eyes, he could recall Karen lying in the mortuary.

  "I...I didn't know! I..." Hilda shook her head and looked in surprise at Raymond who was bridling his anger. She begged him to believe her with a pale face.

  But Raymond ignored her until the car stopped in front of a deserted building.

  Then Raymond dragged Hilda out of the car to the building regardless of her struggle.


  Hilda was thrown on the ground by Raymond whose eyes showed no mercy. He asked her with a cold voice, "Do you know these men?"

  Hilda was still overwhelmed by the pain and after a while, she found seven or eight men standing in this building as well. Those men all put on a frightened and anxious faces.

  Hilda shook her head. She didn't know those men at all.

  Seeing her shaking head, a fat man among them screamed, "Miss Parker, how could you not know us? I have our phone call record and transfer record on my phone! How could you deny this?"

  Then the man knelt in front of Raymond and handed over his phone in his trembling hands, saying, "Mr. Morris, you can have a look at this contact record. She gave me money and asked me to deal with another woman whom I didn't know was your girlfriend.

  Raymond didn't bother to give a glance to the man kneeling in front of him but he squatted before Hilda and raised her chin, smiling coldly, "Now, it is your turn to explain, Hilda Parker."

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