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My Captain Lover

by Soph1e

Jan 02 2024

He flies a plane in a 30000ft high sky, and she guides him to the control tower.He looks down at her, and she looks up at him."This is YH518 to ATC. " "Welcome back, YH518. "Hellen Piffer thought this meant love…But she later found that she was even not qualified to break up with Edward Lee ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of My Captain Lover or download the app to read the entire series

Chapter 1. Late Flight

  It was 3 am in the Y city.

  Though the long and stuffy summer was striding to its end, the weather was still far from pleasant.

  A click of unlocking refreshed Hellen.

  She hurriedly got up from the sofa and opened the door of her house.

  Edward Lee, in his white airline uniform, walked in with a leather suitcase.

  "You're home so late", Hellen took the suitcase from Edward and asked: "Is the plane delayed?"


  Answered Edward faintly: "Bad weather."

  Hellen was slightly stunned for a while, for she saw a lipstick on the man's collar.

  She had heard of some rumors about Edward's affairs with another woman, but it was the first time that she confirmed it.

  However, she just took a deep breath and pretended not to see it.

  Her three years with him had taught her the necessity of staying silent.

  After all, she was not close enough to get a position to question Edward—

  She was more like his long-term sex partner than a girlfriend to him.

  "I have warmed the water. Why don't you take a shower?

  Hellen held down her complicated feelings and said, while still uncontrollably scanning Edward up and down.

  Edward nodded and took off his shirt.

  After a fleeting glance at the lipstick on his collar, he threw it aside and went into the bathroom.

  The sound of water in the bathroom itched Hellen's heart.

  When she was about to think about something adult only, the beeping mobile phone on her bedside table dragged her back to the senses.

  She casually unlocked it, only to see a message popping on the screen.

  "This is the best night I've ever had and I have already begun to miss you after the first hour you left me. "

  It was not until this moment did Hellen realized that she had mistaken the phone.

  The content of the message almost broke her heart, but she could not help reading the message again and again.

  The truth now was very clear: The plane was not delayed, what was delayed was Edward's heart.

  It was now in another woman.

  Hellen kept taking deep breaths, only to feel more and more suffocated.

  She hated to entangle herself in this relationship without any insurance, but she also could not bear to end it.

  The door of the bathroom was opened.

  "I rent a new apartment near the airport", Edward walked out, drying his hair and ordering: "Move out tomorrow."


  Hellen instantly recovered from her daze, asking him with incredibility.

  "Because Chole's back."

  Edward looked at Hellen and turned his face aside the next moment: "She has no place to live."

  Hellen's healthy red face turned sickly pale in a while.

  She tightly grabbed a corner of the quilt and asked painfully: "So? Are you going to break up with me?"

  "Break up with you?"

  Edward suddenly opened his closed eyes, looking straight into Hellen's eyes: "I don't remember to be in a relationship with you."

  It turned out that this man even did not mean to admit the affair with her…

  Hellen could not help grinning a wry smile.

  Yes, it was her fault to take the whole thing so seriously.

  She was no more than an imposter of Edward's childhood sweetheart, and it was her destiny to be thrown aside when she returned.


  She was not able to be so willing to see her youth of three years in vain.

  "Why don't you let me know this earlier?"

  Hellen stammered, and her hoarse tone even frightened herself: "I mean, this means quite a lot."

  Edward's eyes were full of warmth, but it was not for Hellen.

  Gently replying to Chole's message, the cruel man impatiently raised his head with unconcealed discontent: "You have a day to leave and an apartment to live, what else do you want?"

  Hellen's eyes turned red.

  She stubbornly turned around, unwilling to show that domineering man her humble weakness.

  But her shivering shoulders still exposed her sorrow.

  Edward frowned and reached out, holding Hellen into his arms.

  "You know I hate to see women crying."

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