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May I Have Never Loved You

by Soph1e

Feb. 14 2023

Being tortured by Mike in prison for three years, Chloe finally got a chance to escape him. However, when she saw him again after three years, she finally realized that she has  always been his prisoner ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of May I Have Never Loved You or download the app to read the entire series

During her three years of life in prison, he would visit her on the 18th of every month.

Just for punishing her!


"8097, you have a visitor!" The guard opened the door without expression.

A cold shiver of fear ran through Chloe, she clenched her fists to encourage herself, and her knuckles turned white because of her overused strength.

This day of every month comes again!

The discussion became hotter, and the shrill voice mercilessly rushed into Chloe's ear, bringing her eardrum a familiar pain.

"Thanks to her visitor, we know today is the 18th of this month."

"Sleeping with someone once a month. Should I envy her or sympathize with her?"

A burst of laughter came from the crowd.

Under their malicious gaze, Chloe stood up and stepped out, expressionless.

She couldn't retort them, because they were right.

Once a month on this day, she would sleep with a man.

But such a monthly routine could not bring her any pleasure, but only anguish in her body and mind!

Standing in front of the familiar door, Chloe took a deep breath to hold back the fear in her heart.

She summoned her residual courage and pushed the door open.

And she once again saw the man she has loved since childhood.

Mike Parker was wearing a black suit. The well-tailored suit made his broad shoulders and straight back more shaped.

Even if he was turning his back to her, Chloe could still feel his awakening aggression and impatient brutality.

As usual, the guard silently closed the door and left them alone.

But this time, Chloe suddenly panicked when she heard the sound behind her.

She turned around, trying to open the door and escape.

"Any time, not today!" She roared in her heart, like a desperate beast.

Before Chloe could open the door, a shadow shrouded her.

Red lights flickered in the man’s devil-like eyes, and she suddenly lost control of her body because of extreme fear.

"You want to run?"

Mike rudely grabbed Chloe's neck and forced her to face him, "Do you think you can?"

"Yes, I can never run! From the first time I saw Mike, it was doomed that I could not run away from him."

Chloe realized her situation, but she couldn't answer Mike.

Because she could barely breathe at this moment, let alone say a word.

She struggled, trying to free herself from his firm grasp and get some air again.

Though her face was scarlet red because of suffocation, Mike had no intention to loosen his hand.

Instead, he tightened his grasp and asked, "Do you know the date today?"

"Do you have any impression about what you did three years ago?"

Looking at the man's red eyes and the pure hatred in them, Chloe put on a bitter smile.

Every month for the past three years, he would come and remind her of what she had done.

This is his punishment for her!

"Being strangled by him is not bad."

Thinking of this, Chloe closed her eyes and stopped struggling.

She was too tired to suffer such torture!

For her, death is more likely to be a relief.

Seeing her dimming eyes and feeling her softening body, Mike mercilessly threw her to the ground.

Quickly suppressing the slight change in his eyes, he leaned over and bit deep into her neck. "You wanna die? It's not that easy!"

"Ah!" The stabbing pain from the neck made Chloe wake up instantly and clear about what the man was doing.

Before she was about to do something, the man mercilessly lifted her and pressed her body onto the iron door.

She knew what was coming to her, but she could only bite her lips and wait for it, daring not show any resistance.

The tearing agony behind her destroyed her mind in an instant.

In her blank brain, she could feel nothing but sheer pain.

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