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Knowing Ex-wife since Divorcing

by Soph1e

Feb. 14 2023

Mary did her best to be a good wife,but she still can't get John's love. And John wants to divorce her to marry a bitch.What a hilarious joke! She agreed with him for the last time and vanished. Time to be the real herself! After her departure, John found out that his ex-wife has so many identities in astonish. She was a top hacker, a super cook,a miracle doctor,a carving master,a legendary underground driver and..his dreamed partner ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Knowing Ex-wife since Divorcing or download the app to read the entire series

Everyone thought that Mary James, the rightful heir to the James family, died in an accident.


She appeared in white

The man and woman who were close saw Mary's figure and made a panic sound, "Mary... Mary James!"

Those on spot were all shocked, "Are you a human or a ghost?"

Mary grinned an enchanting smile, "Just an avenger."

It is they who forged the car accident to cover their conduct of murder.

Now she's back!

Every one of them shall pay!

Returning in the posture of a queen, Mary James took back the house that belonged to her.

When she was about to have a rest in the bed that she has slept in for many years, her phone beeped.

It was from Mark Brown, one of her half-brothers.

"There's something I don't know if I should tell you." On the other end of the phone, that man was hesitating.

"Since you have asked me this question, you have known the answer."

"Your ex-husband announces that he will marry Cindy Jones in four days."

Her hand stiffly halted in the air, and her heart ached as if being clenched by a firm hand.

Four days later, it's their third wedding anniversary,

Is he so eager to marry his"true love"  that he couldn't wait one more day?

-John Anthony's POV-

John Anthony looked at the signed divorce agreement on the table and a check for $10 million.

The check was his compensation for her, but it was lying here intact.

A rural orphan girl gave up a 10 million check. That's odd.

Mary Smith, is her identity true? What's her purpose?

"Hey, check someone for me."

"My ex-wife--Mary Smith."

Two days later, John looked at the documents signed with the James group, and his fingers trembled slightly.

The signature"Mary James" violently fluctuated his mood.

Mary James and Mary Smith.

Their names were similar and their handwritings were almost the same.

Is there any relationship between them?!

The voice on the TV attracted his attention: "The mysterious boss who help the James group come back from the dead finally showed up. It is said that she is the eldest lady of the James family..."

John raised his eyes and saw a familiar figure.

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I am so absorbed into these books… bye bye Netflix 😊

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Honestly I think this app is great. I use it pretty much everyday and I love it.

Steffie Cliff, 22th March

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I really can’t get enough of this app. I spend most of my time reading, even at work. I just need a little taste of a chapter. The authors of the books are geniuses, I am sooo appreciative of their efforts.

Kimberley Mills, 19th March

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