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Inform Our Love WorldWide

by NovelDom

Feb. 14 2023

During four years secret marriage, she was conscientious and obedient, but finally she just got one sentence that: “You are very kind, but I am going to marry someone else.” So a paper agreement was made and she was netted out of the house. She didn’t complain because she knew from the start of the marriage that it was just a deal. Now, she wanted to hide her thoughts in her heart and parted their ways from then on. “You’re pregnant.” The doctor’s words interrupted the peaceful life she wanted ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Inform Our Love WorldWide or download the app to read the entire series

“President, have you locked Miss Mamie in her room to force her to divorce?”

“Is she making trouble?”

“There was a fire in the room and Madame couldn’t get out …”

The wedding ring in his hand fell heavily to the ground …


In a private hospital on the suburban of City A, Mamie listened to the doctor with an indifferent expression.

“The disease in your body has not yet healed, so it’s not quite suitable for the genus to operate an abortion.”

Mamie just shook her head and said “It’s okay. Please arrange the operation for me as soon as possible.”

The operation was soon end and she was pushed out of the operating room by the nurse with a light smile of relief on her face.

This pain was nothing for her. The pain her sister had endured before she was killed by Tyrone was a thousand times more than this.

The nurses shuddered as they met his ice-like eyes. The bodyguards quickly cleared the room, and in the small space, only Tyrone and Mamie were left.

“Running away and having an abortion. Mamie, do you think I won’t do anything to you, right?”

Her face was pale and her voice was breathless: “Do whatever you want.”


His face was dark and dreadful, and the anger in his eyes was hard to hide.

“Since you aborted the child, you have to give me back another one! I’ll only let you go if you give birth to our baby!”

Mamie looked pale: “Mr. Tyrone, are you out of your mind? Our marriage is over! You’re nothing to me.”

She looked at him steadily. Even if he had something to her, he was only the enemy of her sister’s death.

Tyrone was furious with his hand in the air.

The phone rang at an inopportune moment. It was Grace calling.

“Tyrone, I need you …”

The voice over there was tinged with sobs, and he was inexplicably a little annoyed to hear it.

“Okay, I’ll be right there with you.”

He glanced back at Mamie, “Just stay here and think over during this time.”

All the dangerous items in the ward were taken away by the bodyguards, and she had no way to see anyone, as if she was isolated from this world.

In the Sarah family’s old mansion, the old women were very satisfied with Grace, their new daughter-in-law, and chatted with smiles on their faces.

Tyrone was listening to his secretary’s phone call “She has a very sick sister, and why didn’t you report this to me.”

“President, you were busy with a project at the time, so I didn’t bother you.”

He hung up the phone.

This matter revealed something fishy. Why did her sister have such a grudge against him when she died?

He decided to go over tomorrow and ask her face to face.

Early in the morning, he was woken up by a call like a rush.

“President, there is something worse. There is a fire over the ward, and Miss Mamie, she …”

He was instantly awake and rushed over there without even putting on his clothes.

“Mamie!” He pushed open the burning and shaking door, saw the charred blackness in the room and shouted out in a near-collapse.

If it hadn’t been for his bent, would she be safe and sound now?

A charred, blackened object fell to the floor with a crisp sound.

It was their wedding ring…

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I am so absorbed into these books… bye bye Netflix 😊

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Honestly I think this app is great. I use it pretty much everyday and I love it.

Steffie Cliff, 22th March

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I really can’t get enough of this app. I spend most of my time reading, even at work. I just need a little taste of a chapter. The authors of the books are geniuses, I am sooo appreciative of their efforts.

Kimberley Mills, 19th March

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