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His Secret Millionairess Wife

by Vivi

Feb. 28 2023

The Bennett family is a rich and powerful family and when Mr. Bennett’s daughter  Lauren Bennett who has been lost for 18 years comes back, everyone thinks she must have lived a poor life for the past eighteen years and that without a good upbringing, she must behave badly. But the truth surprises everyone. Lauren was not only a big shareholder of an international brand YM but also the wife of Charlie Frank, who also comes from a powerful country! ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of His Secret Millionairess Wife or download the app to read the entire series

The fact that the lost child called Lauren of the Bennett family, one of the most powerful families in the city, came back caused an uproar.

Someone at the banquet held by the Bennett family asked, “How do you guys think of Lauren Bennett and Sally Bennett?”

“Lauren is nobody in front of Sally! Sally Bennett has been the best lady in the city, who is noble, elegant, knowledgeable and as well as kind-hearted,” one said.

“Then how could Lauren face Sally? Sally was better than her in every respect,” another one said.

“Speaking of this, I have sympathy for Lauren. She is the true daughter of Mr. Bennett but she lost love and support from her family for almost eighteen years!” one said with pity.

Most people who participated in this dinner felt sorry for Lauren.

A well-informed person said, “Lauren was very smart. I hear that she is a postgraduate at the top college.”

Even if she studies in the top university, people still thought she would have had a better future if she was not lost since she was little because the Bennett family could afford her more than people could think.

It was almost eight clock, and everyone was looking forward to seeing Lauren.

But Sandy Effie was far away from everyone, sitting on the chair and holding a goblet in his hand. He swayed the glass, watching the red wine inside ripple in circles.

A man came and asked Sandy, “Your fiancee is going to show up. Don’t you go have a look?”

Sandy raised his head and looked at the man with displeasure. He said to that man, “I didn’t want to talk about this.”

But the man didn’t give up the topic and kept asking Sandy, “Aren’t you curious about her? After all, she is your fiancee! I remember when we were kids, we played together.”

Sandy leaned back with his legs folded. He held the glass in one hand and supported his chin with the other. He didn’t remember what happened between Lauren and him when he was a child. “What was Lauren like when she was a little girl?” Sandy thought.

“She must be beautiful,” Sandy thought. Because he was likely to play with beautiful girls since Sandy was a child.

But no matter how beautiful a girl was, she couldn’t stop time from passing by. The flowers either withered or still blossomed after the wind and rain. Whether it was the withering flower or the plum, Sandy didn’t like it.

At first Sandy didn’t want to come to dinner today but he had a good relationship with the Bennett family so he had to.

Seeing that Sandy had no interest in Lauren, the others were a little presumptuous and began to joke about Lauren.

“I really wanted to know what Lauren looks like. Will she be as pretty as Sally?” one asked.

“What are you talking about? No one could be compared with Sally! Lauren was lost when she was very little and since then, she had been living a poor life. I think she must be a girl who is greedy for money,” another one said.

While they were talking, the door was suddenly pushed open and a beautiful woman walked in.

Her long red skirt like fire wrapped her slim figure, and her face was delicate. From Sandy’s perspective, he could see her full forehead, curl eyelashes, and tall nose.

She came from the shadows and walked into the light. The fiery red long dress made her look outstanding among all the people. Everyone present was attracted to her.

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Honestly I think this app is great. I use it pretty much everyday and I love it.

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