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Having Triplets with a Billionare

by Soph1e

Feb. 28 2023

As the youngest billionaire in Cloud City, William has an embarrassing secret: He was once drugged and slept with a woman under its effect. When he woke up in the hotel the next morning, she had already left and humiliatingly gave him five hundred as reward. He had never imagined that he would meet that woman again after seven years, and a girl who looks almost the same as his daughter beside her set him in daze. He angrily stopped her for an answer, but a boy who was almost the image of him jumped out。"Don't you dare bully my mother!" ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Having Triplets with a Billionare or download the app to read the entire series

Chapter 1. Be My Antidote

"Is this your first time?"

There is nothing worse for a woman than waking up in a strange hotel and hearing a strange male voice right in her ears.

Realizing what was going to happen, Irene trembled violently.


She desperately screamed, yet the voice was only audible to herself.


The drugged water she was tricked to drink did not only take away her strength in limbs but also made her unable to let out any voice!

"Don't worry".

The man looked at Irene's blushing face and gently kissed her lips: "Even if this is not your first time, I will take the responsibility of making you my antidote."

Irene gathered all her residual strength and threw her fist at the man, while he grabbed her hand effortlessly.

Accidentally, the man caught a glimpse at the dragon tattoo on Irene's waist and the dazzling pattern successfully collapsed the control he had over his desire.

Following a beast-like roar, he pressed Irene onto the bed and got on her.


With no strength to fight back, Irene closed her eyes and engraved Doris, the woman who put her in such a situation, on her list of enemies.

Before today, precisely several hours ago, Doris was still Irene's BFF and their relationship would probably last a lifetime long—If Irene had not found Doris sleeping with her boyfriend.

Out of her good breeding, Irene kept it a secret and attend Doris's birthday party as if nothing had happened.

Unexpectedly, what Doris returned to her favor was a cup of drugged water!

After drinking that water, she felt something wrong and decided to escape.

However, she was knocked unconscious and sent to the hotel as soon as stepping out of Doris's house.

She had to admit that Doris had successfully ruined her reputation by this, but this did not mean that she had lost.

On the contrary, this was merely the first round.

She would let any of them get away with her revenge, whether it was Doris or Jim!

'The beast' did not stop until exhausting himself the next morning.

A night was enough for the drug to fade from Irene's body, so she finally had enough strength to push the man aside and get out of bed.

As soon as stepping on the ground, Irene immediately felt a tearing pain.

The first time hurts like hell, but it does not mean that the man's rudeness should not be blamed.

The pain made Irene take a deep breath, and then she looked over the bed to say how the man she slept with last night looked.

What came into her sight was a masculine body with perfect-shaped muscles.

Irene had to admit that good-looking people do have the privilege.

If this guy was a fat greasy guy with a disgusting belly, she was not very sure if the law could stop her from killing him.

But here comes the question, who the hell is this man?

Irene glanced around the room and noticed a note.

Apparently, it was sent through under the door.

She picked it up and recognized Doris's handwriting in an instant.

"Although Mr.Carter is infamous for his rich experience in having sex, such experience can help you get rich."

What a bitch!

Irene hurriedly put down her clothes and trotted out of the hotel.

If she suddenly turn around at this moment, she would probably see smiling Doris in the corner.

Seeing her stumbling paces, Doris could not help gloating with a smirk.

The woman who had always been better than her, finally lost!

She was the winner at last!

Like a champion who was about to get her trophy, Doris triumphantly stepped into the room.

"Mr.Carter, it's time to wake up!"

She walked over to the bed and chortled, "How was the chick last night?"

The next moment, her smile turned wry and stiff.

The man who was lying on the bad was not that 'Mr.Black' she knew, but was also not strange to her.

But the problem is, she is not the only man who knew this man.

In fact, as long as a person had lived in Cloud City for several days, he or she would soon get familiar with the figure that appears in financial news every day.

Of course, he was not the host.

Because a host could never afford the limited edition watch on his hand.

This is William Hammond!

The man who conquered all the shareholders in the Hammond group and became its president at his 18th birthday party.

Under his management, the Hammond Group has literally dominated all the business you can come up with in Cloud City.

Without any exaggeration, even the law had to bow its pride head to him in this city.

"Why will he appear in Irene's room?" Doris could not help thinking of a horrifying possibility.

The man who had slept with Irene...might be him!

——Seven years later——

"Honey, look at the two cute kids over there! I cannot believe what kind of genes can make them!"

"Maybe you can ask their sister. I almost thought that she is a superstar!"

Feeling the admiring eyes and whispers from other passengers, Irene smiled politely.

This is the daily routine she will experience when going out with the two kids.

"Mommy", The little girl sitting on Irene's left poked her with her little finger, "How long will it take?"

"Half an hour at most", Irene moved her sight away from the medical data on her laptop and gently pinched the girl's soft chubby face.

The radio in the plane timely sounded, and the voice of the crew made Irene's words more convincing: "Dear passengers, this flight is about to arrive at Cloud City International Airport, please fasten your safety belt till the symbol light is off…"

Upon hearing the words' Cloud City ', Irene could not help sighing with complicated emotions.

When she was running from that city in a hurry, she had never thought that she would come back one day.

By the time Irene was immersed in all kinds of emotions, a small hand secretly crawled on her keyboard.

"Will", She cleared her throat and gave the boy a warning stare, "I do remember that you have promised not to hack the system of OS again."

"I just want to send them some surprise!" Will pursed his lips with disappointment.

"Come on, it is where I work!"

Irene held her head with resignation, "If they are in trouble, my salary would be delayed!"

"Then I can hack into the bank", answered Will without hesitation.

"It's illegal!" Irene felt she really needs someone to share her trouble of educating a six-year-old Top10 hacker in the world.

But whenever she complained to Professor Smith about this, that decent old gentleman would take her words as showing off and rudely rolled his eyes.

"Oh my goodness! Someone fainted! Is there a doctor on the plane?"

A sudden cry of surprise interrupted Irene's thought.

"Lucky, Will, let's go check it!"

The three stood up almost at the same time.

Sitting on the left, Lucky took the lead to reach the spot.

Under everyone's shocked gaze, she squatted and reported to Irene: "This old lady is breathing very quickly and her heart is beating very fast, maybe this is a heart attack."

"I am the doctor, and I need an oxygen mask!"

Irene yelled and an airline stewardess hurried over with it.

"Give this to me! I am the assistant!"

Will calmly took the oxygen mask and covered it over the fainted lady.

In the meantime, Irene had squatted down and began to push hard at the old lady's chest.

Heart disease is a serious disease.

If the patients could not receive timely treatment at the onset of the disease, the function of their hearts will decline at an extremely fast rate, putting them at risk of death.

Fortunately, the old lady met Irene at this time.

In no time, the old lady's breath turned flat and she slowly open her eyes.

Instead of celebrating, Will drew a paper towel and wiped away the sweat on Irene's forehead.

And Lucky considerately held the old lady up.

Hearing what happened, the captain personally went to the cabin and thanked them.

Seeing the two obedient children beside Irene, he had to try his best to conceal his overflowing admiration.

It is said that the children are the reflection of their parents, and he could not imagine how excellent Irene would be to make her children so polite and capable.

The old woman finally realized what had happened and repeatedly thanked Irene.

"It's just a piece of cake".

Irene smiled and walked back their seats.

Lucky and Will obediently followed her and said goodbye to the old lady.

"Hey! Little princess!"

When they were about to leave, the old lady surprisingly walked toward Lucky, "Can't you recognize me? We have met at the park! "

"But this is the first time I am here", Lucky answered curiously and looked at her mother for help.

"This might be a coincidence," Irene reluctantly smiled and skipped the topic.

This was definitely a coincidence!

Irene's thought began to wander.

According to her investigation in the past, 'Mr.Black' is a typical playboy.

If she had not forgotten to take contraceptive pills and was too weak to afford an abortion, she would never give birth to the children.

Fortunately, that guy's gene was much better than his demeanor and gave her two perfect kids.

She was very happy to have them, but she would always be down at their birthday.

Because there should have been three children coming to the world on that day...

Chapter 2.The Father she has never met

Thinking of her stillborn daughter, Irene was in a bad mood all the way.

It was not until the plane arrived did she put on her sunglasses and take her children off the plane.

When walking into the airport, she could not help frowning at the crowds of men in black all over it.

They all looked quite anxious, seeming looking for someone important.

"Has the underworld in Cloud City been so rampant in those years?"

With such a thought, she looked around the airport and was slightly relieved to see similar shocks on the staff's face.

At least this is not a daily routine.

"Any clues?"

This is the 113th time Philip Fae, the special assistant of William, repeated this question, while the answer he got was still the same.

Regardless of how many troubles this will trigger, he gnashed his teeth and yelled at the phone: "Block the airport!"

"But..." The voice on the other side of the phone sounded hesitant.

"There is no but!" Philip desperately shouted, "If Miss really disappeared, both you and I can get ready to feed lions in fucking Africa!"

"Roger that!" The other party answered without hesitation.

Putting down his mobile phone, Philip could not help trembling with fear--If there were any choice, he would rather run all around to seek that lost girl than face his boss.

Taking another deep breath, he slowly stepped into the lounge and walked to the man who turned his back to him.

"Sir...I have asked them to block the airport, we can definitely find Miss!"

William did not say a word but turned around to look at Philip.

Feeling the cold stare like a sharp blade, Philip could not help bowing lower.

As he expected, his boss's face was even more livid than losing two hundred million last time.

That girl was certainly more important than everything to William!

Though no one knows who her mother is and how William took her back six years ago, her identity as his daughter was unquestionable.

William took a long puff at his cigar, hiding his aloof eyes behind the smoke.

"If Eloise disappears", said him coldly, "those who serve her have no reason to stay alive."

"Sir", Philip summoned all his courage and persuaded William, "We can find miss."

"What if you can't find her?" William violently crushed his cigar in the ashtray and got up from the seat, looking down at Philip: "Even if you can find her, can you make sure that there is not anything wrong with her? "


Philip wisely shut his mouth up.

The autism of Eloise was not a secret to people around William.

And staying alone was definitely one of the most dangerous things for a girl with autism.

If there were anything wrong with her...

William irritably walked out of the lounge.

Seeing his boss joining in seeking, Philip hurriedly followed him and prayed for some miracle to bring Eloise back to William.

They almost sought inch by inch, yet the figure of Eloise had never come to their sight.

William irritably glanced around, and the casual glance brought him a great surprise.

"Sir!" Philip almost found the girl licking a lollipop in front of the toilet.

Though the girl was in different clothes, he was sure that she was Eloise!


When Lucky was about to catch up with her mother and brother, a man with a mask suddenly appeared and squatted in her way.

"Excuse me, this...uncle", she tilted her head with confusion, "Would you mind..."

Before she finished, the man had held her in his arms.

"Eloise", the man looked at her and said gently, "I know you are angry with Daddy and I promise that I will never bring you abroad again."

"Eloise? Daddy?"

It gradually dawned on Lucky.

"Uncle, you might have mistaken", she said to William and looked over, only to find her mother and brother leaving with that old lady they have saved.

"Wish you can find your daughter, but I have to go."

Lucky said and quickened her pace.

It seemed that both Irene and Will had neglected her absence.

If she could not catch up with them in time, she would be in great trouble.

Seeing she insist on leaving, William halted his hand with guilt.

"I can understand your anger, Miss".

Philip cleared his throat and stopped Eloise, "But it is good for your health. We have prepared you many gifts as compensation, don't you want to go home and check them?"

The bodyguards around hurriedly gathered as Philip hinted, and their eyes were shining with the joy of survival.

Lucky couldn't help frowning, because the crowd had completely blocked her view.

Seeing the vigilance in her eyes, Philip was so frightened that he immediately dispelled them: "You have scared miss!"

People with autism would probably do something horrible when being scared, while Eloise tends to hurt herself.

Lucky jutted her chin at them and felt her mother's words so effective.

"When facing bad guys, you should frighten them and...run!"

When she was about to run, the man suddenly took off his mask.

She naturally would not neglect the man's handsome face.

Even with a mask, it was still charming enough to bewitch everyone, ranging from children to the old.

No doubt a face favored by god.

Yet what stunned Lucky was not how good-looking it was, but the great resemblance it has to her brother.

This man almost looked the same as Will and he mistook her as his daughter.

There can't be such a coincidence!

She once asked her mother where her father is, and the answer she got was that he had already been dead.

But things seemed not like this.

Looking at the receding family of Irene and Will, Lucky suddenly gave up resisting and let William hug her in his arms.

She can find them anyway, but this is the only chance for her to figure out if this man was her father she had never met!

Chapter 3.Encounter

"I have heard about what happened on the plane, thank you so much!"

The family of that old lady graciously held Irene's hand and thanked her repeatedly.

"This is not a big deal", Irene smiled gently and then advised them, "But I have to remind you that it is very dangerous for a patient with a heart attack to go out alone."

"We will never let this happen again!"

The daughter of the old lady nodded seriously and thanked Irene again before leaving.

After seeing them off, Irene looked around and then frowned.

"Where's Lucky?"

"I saw her go buying lollipops just now!" Will shrugged his shoulder.

"That foodie!"

Irene stamped and hurried to the grocer with Will, but failed to find Lucky there.

Will became serious and dialed Lucky, only to get another failure.

"Let's go check the toilet".

Irene remained calm in appearance, while her heart was filled with anxiety and remorse.

No matter how clever her children looked, they were children after all.

How could she forget that?

When she was ready to call 911 with her trembling hand, Will suddenly pulled her sleeve.

She looked along his hint and found a small head warily glancing around.


She hurried to that girl and hugged her in her arms," It's all mom's fault!"

Will also took a relieved sigh and patted her younger sister's head like a grown-up, "This is the first time we come to this country. You must follow us tightly."

Suddenly hugged by a strange woman, Eloise instinctively struggled.

The violent resistance from her daughter forced Irene to put her on the ground.

She looked at her with concern, only to meet a pair of wary eyes.

"Honey, are you angry?"

Eloise wanted to back down, but the face that rushed into her sight changed her idea.

Because this aunt looks like her.

"Lucky", Will grabbed her hand and explained patiently, "Mommy just wanted to make sure that old lady is fine, we have never meant to leave you aside. Take my hand and believe your brother, I will never lose you again!"

"Mommy? Brother?"

Eloise blankly looked at Will and was once again stunned by his face.

This young boy looks almost the same as her father!

"Mommy, Lucky seemed scared", Will looked at Irene with a wry face.

Irene wanted to say something to comfort Lucky, but a call from her friend Miranda interjected.

"Irene, is there anything wrong?"

Miranda seemed a little worried, for Irene has never been late in her memory.

"Nothing, we are coming!"

Irene had to leave Lucky's temper aside and hurried to the entrance with the two.

In such a hurry, neither Irene nor Will had noticed the shock on Eloise's face.

The panoramic elevator kept going down.

Appreciating the familiar scenes outside, Irene could not help thinking of the past.

"How are you going after seven years, Doris?"

Irene clenched her fists and those malicious words Doris wrote on that note popped into her mind again.

Because of an urgent summon from the headquarter of OS, she had to leave at that time.

Now that she returned, those who had hurt her shall get the punishment they deserved.

None of them could get away with it!

"Oh my gosh, what a cute boy! Can I have a selfie with you?"

"Me too!"

Irene looked aside and found it was Will's dashing look that attracted the young ladies in the elevator.

Such a scene reminded her of a face that was 90% similar to Will in her memory.

A mission from OS required her to stay at Cloud City for several months.

Therefore, she had to consider if Lucky and Will would encounter their father.

If that playboy noticed them, would he fight for their custody?

At the same time when Irene was immersed in her worries, a pair of shocked and angry eyes in the opposite elevator tightly fixed on her.

"It is her!"

William gnashed his teeth.

He would never forget the woman who left him five hundred and claimed it as the fee she paid to spend a night with him!

Come on, he is not a whore!

If he were not drugged by his rivals at that time, he would never have sex with a strange woman!

Feeling the coldness in William's eyes, the 'Eloise ' in his arms struggled restlessly.

William hurriedly turned around and faced the wall, "What do you want to have for dinner?"

Though Eloise hardly answers his question, he still patiently attracted her attention with this.

The silence in his expectation made William take a relieved sigh, but he soon became wary.

Why would that woman suddenly return after seven years?

Was the encounter just now a coincidence or a part of her plan?

The more William thought, the more irritable he became.

He wanted to compensate her for that night, but she disappeared the next morning.

When he finally located her after a year and got to the hospital she was in, what he found was merely a baby.

Whenever he looked at Eloise, he would think of how cruel that woman was.

Even if the baby is a result of a one-night love, she is innocent.

But that woman directly abandoned her in the hospital!

"For the sake of Eloise", William secretly made his decision, "I will never let that woman see her!"

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