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Grounded By Your Love

by Vivi

Feb. 18 2023

Isabella Anthony’s love was like a game where she was fated to lose. She bet everything she had on winning Lucas Ralph’s heart but in the end, he was the one who hurt her most. She was pushed down deeper into the abyss. After the Anthony’s company was declared insolvent, she became to realize that Lucas never loved her and the reason he married her was that he was taking revenge on her and her family. After she had Lucas’s baby, Lucas even didn’t want to take a look at it. Isabella never had a place in Lucas’s heart and Lucas would rather stay with that crazy woman instead of being with Isabella ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Grounded By Your Love or download the app to read the entire series

As an adopted girl, Rebecca was good at pretending and bearing.

Pretending to be a fool helps her survive. Bearing makes her live better: When Barbara Campbell, her elder sister in name, did not want her old clothes or toys, she would give them to her.

But this time, Rebecca was at a loss about how to deal with the thing Barbara did not want--because it was a husband.

Loren Morris, the second son of the most powerful family in this city and also a man that Barbara would not think of refusing--if only the accident that turned Loren into a cripple three years ago had not happened to him.

The Campbell family was in unprecedented difficulty that they could not get through without others' help, and it was at that time a servant who worked for the Morris family came to Mr.Campbell, promising to help him if he agreed to marry his daughter to Loren.

Though Mr.Campbell had no choice, he had two daughters.

In this way, Rebecca suddenly became Mr.Campbell's beloved daughter and was married to Loren.


"Are you Becky's husband?"

On the wedding night, Rebecca blinked her innocent eyes and put on her iconic silly smile.

When she thought that the man in front of her was no more than another gullible fool, Loren suddenly clenched her chin and sneered, "You are not a fool at all!Mrs.Liar!"

This was the first time Rebecca's disguise did not work in her 12-years career as a spy.

"Well, Mr.Liar", she immediately fought back and grabbed Loren's leg," you are also not a cripple!"

"Excellent! You are the most capable spy I have ever seen, but..."

Loren leaned over and whispered in Rebecca's ears, "Hasn't Logan told you about my bad habit before sending you here?"

Like Rebecca, Loren also had an elder brother who could always enjoy the best in his family.

But such privilege should not have belonged to him.

Without that accident, he was still a nobody in the Morris group while Loren would stay in his supreme position.

Rebecca also knew this story very well, and her smile became more enthusiastic, "What is your bad habit? Maybe we will have common grounds."

"Just so you know, though I am not a cripple, I quite enjoy crippling others."

"I knew this! An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!"

"It seems that we really have something in common!"

"But you are sent by Logan!" Loren rudely ended their pleasant conversation, "We are enemies."

"Wow, don't get me wrong!" Rebecca gently patted the hand on her neck and chuckled, "He doesn't deserve my loyalty. Actually, I'm here to get rid of him!"


"What about an accident?"


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