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Genius Babies with Their CEO Daddy

by Vivi

July 10 2023

In order to get more family property, Erin Cook was deceived by her sister and was sent to a strange man’s bed by her boyfriend. After a crazy night, she gave her first time to this man, and was licked out of her family by her angry father.Four years later, Erin, who became a master sculptor, returned to her hometown with two genius cute babies because of an order, but by mistake, she met the man who slept with her that night ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Genius Babies with Their CEO Daddy or download the app to read the entire series

Chapter 1

  In a luxury hotel

  Today was Erin's birthday, and her boyfriend said he would give her a surprise.

  At this moment, her eyes were covered by soft silk, and she was carefully held by her boyfriend, and walked forward step by step.

  Wouldn't he be planning to propose to me, would he? Could it be too fast? Erin's mind was full of fantasy.

  Her boyfriend pushed open the door and led her into the room, which was very silent.

  "Could it be that he prepared a secret marriage proposal?" Erin blushed when thinking of this.

  "Baby, from the first time I saw you, I was fascinated by you," Her boyfriend whispered in Erin's ear while sending her a wine glass.

  Erin took the glass and subconsciously wanted to take off the silk.

  "Don't worry," her boyfriend stopped Erin's hand and gently touched her glass with his, "We have enough time."

  Erin drank the wine shyly, and just as she put down the glass, she suddenly felt dizzy. It was like a fire was set in her lower abdomen.

  Her boyfriend stood up abruptly and hurriedly walked out.

  "Kevin? Where are you going?" Erin took off the silk ribbon, and found herself in a strange room. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, and on the bed lay an unconscious man. Erin couldn't see his face clearly.

  Seeing her boyfriend walking out of the room and closing the door, Erin hurriedly got up and ran over, but she fell to the ground.

  The sound of high heels on the ground came, and a blonde woman with blue eyes walked to Kevin. She glanced at him playfully, and reached out to hold Kevin's arm.

  Sophia! How could she be here? Erin was confused and surprised.

  Behind her, a burning breath touched her neck, and a big hand dragged Erin to the bed.

  "No!" Realizing what was going to happen, Erin widened her eyes in horror and struggled to get away from the man. Her nails scratched the carpet which was left with deep marks.

  Erin's eyes were red, and she looked up desperately at her boyfriend at the door.

  His face was as handsome as ever. Erin watched him talking with Sophia who wore a bright smile.

  Seeing her boyfriend walking farther away, Erin laboriously pulled off the necklace on her neck, and threw it hard at Kevin.

  The necklace fell on Kevin.

  Instantly, hope appeared in Erin's eyes and she begged, "Kevin! Please! Look back! Take me out of here!Please!" Erin cried, but her voice was weak.

  However, Kevin just paused for an instant, but soon walked away without looking back.

  Looking at his back, the light in Erin's eyes was extinguished little by little, and finally there was dead darkness.

  Sophia looked at Erin with a smile and closed the door with a "bang".

  Instantly, a hot body pressed on hers.

  "You let me go!" Erin raised her fist and hit it against the man's chest.

  The indifferent look of her boyfriend appeared in her mind, which made her stop struggling. Her face was numb like a lifeless doll.

  The man was dissatisfied with Erin's reaction, and his flexible tongue reached into her mouth. There was a hot kiss.

  Then, he buried his head in her chest, gnawing and biting, causing Erin to tremble.

  Suddenly, Erin saw a wolf totem tattooed on the man's chest.


  The next morning, Erin walked into her family's house in disheveled clothes, and was freaked.

  "Now you are coming back!" The voice of rage came, and a teacup was thrown at her head. Erin had no time to dodge. Soon there was a tingling pain on her forehead, which started to bleed.

  "What the hell were you thinking? Just because I don't give you money to start a business, you slept with a stranger! Why didn't you want to work at my company? Is it a humiliating thing for you?" William's angry voice had a hint of disappointment.

  "Dad, I didn't..."

  "How can I believe you? We have seen those dirty photos and videos about you and another man... Erin, what's so bad about working at your father's company? Why do you not like the company founded by him?" A woman on the sofa tried to make things worse.

  "Dad, please believe me..." Erin tried to explain that everything was not what they saw.

  "We don't believe you! You are fooling around with a stranger, which is a truth," The woman stopped Erin and continued to provoke her.

  "Dad, I can explain..." Erin said.

  William didn't want to hear from her anymore so he said, "Shut up! I don't want to see you in the future! You are no longer my daughter! Get out of here right now!"

  With a loud bang, the door to the study was slammed shut.

  At the corner of the second floor, Susan leaned against the wall and looked at Erin with a smile.

  Everything was going well as she designed. Erin would be kicked out of the house, and she would be the only heir of her family!

  Erin opened her mouth, but finally said nothing. She lifted her legs and prepared to go upstairs.

  Susan reached out to stop Erin and said, "Dad told you to get out right now! Didn't you hear this?"

  Saying that, she smashed a box straight at Erin's feet.

  The box was opened, and inside, Erin's mother's stuff was scattered all over the place.

  Erin clenched her fists and stared at Susan's face.

  "Are you still going to stay here? Why are you so furious? Do you want to hit me?" Susan leaned over, and asked Erin in a low voice, "Do you know you were a slut under that man?"

  The string in Erin's head suddenly broke, and she subconsciously raised her hand to slap Susan.

  Susan screamed and then fell to the ground.

  "Susan!" Bella rushed to her daughter Susan. When she saw Susan's red and swollen face, she shouted to Erin, "How dare you slap Susan?"

  "Erin, get out now! Get out of here!" William roared in his study.

  Erin was totally disappointed, because in her father's mind, what Susan said was the truth.

  Since her mother died in the line of duty, Willie brought his mistress and daughter home, and this family could no longer tolerate Erin.

  There was nothing to miss in this family, Erin thought.

  Packing up her mother's belongings, Erin straightened her back and walked out of the house.


  Four years later.

  A flight landed.

  A woman with a slim figure and delicate facial features, wearing sunglasses led two children. One was a cute little girl and the other was a little boy with exquisite facial features.

  The little girl was energetic with sweet dimples on her little face, while the boy wore a handsome and indifferent face, as if he was interested in nothing.

  "Mom, is this the city where you grew up?" The little girl looked around with curious eyes.

  "Yes, this is where I grew up," Erin looked at the unfamiliar scene in front of her, her face dark.

  It was because of a customer asking her to carve in a thousand-year-old rosewood that she came back to this place, otherwise, she would never set foot on this land.


  The headquarter of JS Group.

  In front of a huge floor-to-ceiling window, stood a tall man.

  "Haven't you found her yet?" Looking at the neon outside the window, Brian asked coldly with dissatisfaction.

  "I...I am still looking for her, but that ruby cufflink has never appeared," Brian's subordinate's forehead had cold sweat while saying.

  "I will not always be patient with you," Brian said.

  "I will try my best to find her," the subordinate said.

  The mobile phone rang, and Brian answered it impatiently, but hears an excited voice on the other end of the phone, "Mr. Collins, that cuff finally appeared. Someone wanted to change that cufflink to a necklace!"

  "Find her!" Brian's voice trembled because of excitement.

  It had been four years, and he would finally find her!

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