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Exhausting Romance

by Vivi

Feb. 14 2023

Nora Hill could not believe she had been such a brave fool when she was with Steward Mandel! However, Nora was no longer a headstrong woman she used to be for she had been rejected by him with frustration. For a thousand times, Nora wanted to give upon on Steward. But in fact, when she finally could stand by Steward, she only felt sad and mournful ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Exhausting Romance or download the app to read the entire series

"I had a successful operation but why didn't Nora come to see me?" Steward Mandel said.

"Mr. Mandel, it was Nora who donated her cornea and kidney to you and Ms. Edith." his assistant Leo replied. "And this is the report on her terminal cancer and the pregnancy report found in her belongings..."

Steward Mandel rushed out as if he had lost his mind.

That night, he knelt outside the operating room of Nora for seven hours.


Terminal brain cancer...

When Nora Hill left the hospital, she knew she had few days left.

While lying on the edge of the bed, Nora looked at Steward with affection. "This is my husband who I will give my whole heart to." She thought.

But she knew Steward's heart was only for his first love, Ann Edith. He never loved Nora.

When Steward’s and Nora’s families wanted to be connected by marriage, Ann soon went to Sebroiria.

On his way to the airport to get Ann back, Steward had a car accident and lost his sight.

But Nora insisted on marrying him anyway.

For the past two years of their marriage, she never felt happy and Steward treated her badly in disgust.

Now, Ann went back from Sebroiria. Nora realized that her marriage was going to an end.

"Your cornea transplant operation is scheduled for the next month. When you regain your eyesight..." Nora said.

"When I regain my sight, I will see your disgusting face. Do you think I will be happy about that? If you want me to be happy, you should leave me forever."

Nora tried her best to calm herself down and said in a sad voice, "I agree to have a divorce when your operation is successfully done. But I’ve got one condition. For the next month, we should live together like a real couple. When a month is over, I will sign the divorce paper."

She said it quickly and felt her heart being squeezed by an invisible hand.

She thought she would be his wife for the rest of her life.

She had been waiting for him to be moved by her even if it might take three years, five years, or a decade.  

But unfortunately, there were few days left.

"A divorce?" Steward sneered, "Do you think you can compensate for what you owe Ann by a divorce?"

Then he said, enunciating every word, "I want you to die and leave me forever."

Nora closed her eyes and said, "As you wish."

In the operating room.

Nora was lying on the cold operating table with her hands on her belly and closed her eyes.

She talked to the baby in her body in silence, "My dear baby, please forgive me. I want to hold on to you but I just can’t. My baby, I am so sorry..."

The operations of Nora, Steward and Ann started at the same time.

Nora donated both her kidney and cornea to Ann and Steward.

When Steward woke up, his eyes felt a little pain. He wanted to touch his eyes but only touched the gauze.

Leo said in a low voice, "Mr. Mandel, the surgery of Ms. Edith was also done successfully."

Leo did not say anything about Nora so Steward frowned and kept asking him, "How was Nora after the operation? Why didn’t she come to see me?"

Steward kept wondering why Leo did not mention anything about Nora.

"Ms. Hill is... not here," Leo replied.

"Where is she?" Steward said with irritation in his voice.

At that time, Nora’s friend Mia walked in and said coldly, "Mr. Mandel, Nora died and I am here to pack up her things..."

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