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Chained Love in Palace

by Soph1e

Feb. 14 2023

Helen was Jason's Fiancee,also the woman he hated most.Becasue she discarded,insulted, and almost killed him when he was in trouble.When Jason came home in triumph, he married her immediately.But his intention was to revenge.Finally,Helen couldn't bear his tortue and insult.Jason thought he was invincible and fearless.But when seeing Helen's dead body, he was overwhelmed by fluster ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Chained Love in Palace or download the app to read the entire series

"Your highness,the princess knows that you killed her maid."

"What does she do?Making trouble or crying around?"

"No, she just returned in rags and stayed in the house all day."

The heartless man’s face changed, "There’s something wrong!!"


"How should I punish you for scalding my beloved concubine?"

"For the sake of your identity as the princess, I give you two choices. One is 20 strokes of whips, and the guilt of you and your servant girl will be erased. The other is that you kowtow to me and admit your mistake. How about it?"

His word silenced everyone in the garden.

The concubine bit her lip and a trace of dissatisfaction through her eyes.

That was different from letting her off the hook.

The maid looked at her young lady.

A smile bloomed on Helen Jones's face, making her haggard face more dazzling than the sun.

The cruel man's heart softened for a moment.

Helen stepped down the stairs, when everyone thought she was about to kneel and kowtow, she smiled.

"I choose the first option."

Jason James's hand slowly tightened, and his face was immediately covered with fury. "Are you sure?"

Yvette secretly smiled.

Lotus yelled out, "Miss... Miss, please, choose the second one, please!"

Helen nodded with a bright smile as if she wasn't the one who was about to suffer. "Yes."

"Your Highness, please. she's seriously injured. The doctor said that she needs good care to survive. She can't endure such torture anymore..."

The maid cried, but Jason has already raised his hand.

No matter how noisy they were, Helen remained motionless and expressionless.

She just stared at the ground with empty and blank eyes.

Her lips moved back and forth, silently murmuring her favorite sentence "Gathering your rosebud while may'".

Her mother was betrayed by his father.

So she hoped that her daughter could be as lucky as the rosebud,being gathered by the right person in the future,which must be a man that can cherish the time with her and never betray her.

When she told Jason about her mother's wishes, Jason solemnly knelt before her mother's memorial tablet and swore——

"In my whole life, I, Jason will only love Helen and only marry her. I will learn martial arts to protect her, read books to raise her, and make her happy every day."

She blushed with embarrassment and said coyly, "What if you can't do it in the future?"

He hugged her in his arms and hugged her tightly. "Then I'll give you a knife and let you gouge out my heart."

She didn't want him to get injured, so she even dared not to answer his promise.

She just leaned against his heart and said with a smile, "If you didn't like me at that time, how could I easily gouge out your heart?"

He smiled with resignation, "Why do you always think of this? I swear, I will never fail you."

"I know you will never fail me. And... If you want to betray me, I can't beat you. You're smarter and stronger than me. There's no way for me to control you, but..."

Her hand touched his arm, raised her face, and smiled at him. "If you fail me, I will forget you, break up with you, and never look back."

She never thought that such a joke would come true in the end.

Pain swept all over her body, the sweat on her face made her pale face almost transparent, look like a ghost.

At a glance, she saw the man she loved most and the woman she hated most standing together like a couple.

But she didn't care anymore.

She swallowed down the blood in her throat, pulled her lips, and forced a bright smile.

Jason probably didn't know that she was dying.

"Congratulations, no one will disgust you so much in the world."

When the punishment was over, Helen looked at his husband again and said faintly. "I haven't congratulated your highness yet. I wish you two a long life together and have a full house of children and grandchildren."

With that, she didn't look at the man's face, turned around, and left.

The blood fell on the ground from her back, wetting the blues tone road she passed.

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