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Banned love with Brother-in-law

by TanQi

July 24 2023

"I want you? You want me?" she boldly asked when for the first time they first encountered each other, enticing the unfamiliar man to partake in carnal pleasures. She—Sarah Turner, the heiress of a fallen literary family, pure and innocent, married off to a wealthy family to settle her mother's debts. He—Ethan Blackwood, the charismatic president of the Blackwood Group, commanding and detached, exudes an aura that kept others at bay. On that fateful night, Sarah willingly surrendered her virtue to the stranger, engaging in a passionate affair as a means of seeking retribution against her fiancé, who planned to deliver her to the bed of another man. When they crossed paths again, they discovered they were actually distant relatives by marriage. During her wedding ceremony, Sarah refused to endure the insults from her fiancé and resolved to divorce him. Simultaneously, he too dissolved his marriage to the deceitful bride. Driven by a thirst for revenge, she manipulated him as a pawn, and he willingly succumbed, captivated by her irresistible allure, unable to extricate himself from her enthralling charm ...... Keep scrolling to read the sample of Banned love with Brother-in-law or download the app to read the entire series

Chapter 1 The First Night

  As the moonlight fought its way through the dark clouds, a dimly lit presidential suite unfolded through the French windows.

  In contrast to the orderly arrangement of the room, a vibrant red evening gown and black lingerie lay carelessly scattered on the light-colored wool carpet.

  A soft beam of light from the bedside lamp illuminated the entwined figures of a man and a woman on the bed. The man possessed a lean and robust physique that sharply contrasted with the woman's soft and delicate curves.

  Sarah averted her gaze, her thick lashes fluttering slightly, feeling the man's eyes freely roaming over her body, exploring every contour and detail.

  Excitement and shyness overwhelmed her, causing her cheeks to burn. Unconsciously, she lightly bit her lower lip, her hands instinctively crossing over her chest to create some distance between herself and the man. The supple and alluring curves of her breasts seemed to rise even higher in this embrace.

  The man's deep gaze grew even darker as he gently lifted her delicate chin with his slender fingers. With a subtle force, he prevented her from nibbling on her own lips and used his dominant yet gentle thumb to caress her rose-like, seductive red lips.

  "Don't bite. Look at me."

  He commanded in a low, mellifluous voice. His warm breath brushed against her exposed skin, sending a shiver down her spine.

  Summoning her courage, she raised her gaze, only to be captivated by the man's confident brows and intense eyes, brimming with insatiable desire. It felt as if he wanted to devour her, causing her heart to race and her mind to go blank.

  Before she could fully react, the man's warm lips descended upon hers, delicately kissing them as if they were a precious treasure.

  His kiss was tender and sweet, and she lost herself in the moment. Curiously and clumsily, she imitated his technique, catching a hint of tobacco.

  Faintly, she heard a low growl emanating from his throat. His smooth tongue instantly invaded her mouth, vigorously exploring every corner. She was kissed into a state of weakness, only able to weakly clutch the man's neck, allowing him to control her breath.

  The kiss grew increasingly passionate. Warm breath brushed against her ear, and the scorching kiss moved to her earlobe, lightly licking and nibbling it. Shivers ran down her spine, and her breathing grew heavier. With each rise and fall, her snow-white, tender curves pressed against his chest.

  He didn't confine himself to one spot. He buried his face in her neck, peppering it with gentle kisses. The warmth of his fingertips caressed her flawless skin, tracing from her slender and smooth waist to her chest. His strong, calloused hands skillfully kneaded her soft mounds, and the rosy peaks subtly stood erect like tempting cherries waiting to be plucked.

  A tingling sensation spread throughout her entire body, and her breasts were fondled with exquisite pleasure. Sarah couldn't help but release a soft moan, her delicate white fingers grasping his sturdy shoulders. Her enticing gasps filled the room, harmonizing with the man's teasing.

  Beads of sweat formed on the man's forehead, trickling down his determined face. Removing the thin fabric between her legs, he ventured into forbidden territory, flicking and teasing with his fingers, eliciting a continuous flow of moisture.

  Caught between overwhelming pleasure and a sense of longing, Sarah actively rubbed her slender, straight legs against the man's hand, clinging to his body, yearning for fulfillment.

  Unable to resist any longer, the man straightened his back and thrust deeper with each movement.

  Sarah moaned and cried out in pleasure, her ears filled with her own sweet moans, the man's heavy breathing, and the sounds of their bodies colliding. The echoes reverberated through the quiet suite...

  Before meeting this man, Sarah never imagined she would have a one-night stand.

  Though she didn't have a virginity complex, she always yearned for a genuine connection. As a result, despite having many outstanding suitors, she had remained chaste. Even after becoming engaged, she resisted any temptations.

  However, everything changed tonight after discovering Matthew Davies' true nature.

  The man she was about to enter a lifelong commitment with, her supposed fiancé, turned out to be a hypocritical pseudo-gentleman.

  Tonight, Matthew had invited her to attend a business reception. Initially, she didn't want to bother with such matters on the eve of their wedding. However, he insisted it was essential, and eventually, she reluctantly agreed.

  Midway through the toasts, feeling overwhelmed by alcohol, she sought solace in the restroom to clear her head. Exhausted, she sat on the toilet and inadvertently overheard two women mocking her.

  "You know what? I thought Turner family was any different. Turned out they've merely read a few more books. Does it make them sound better if they scream 'Oh my God' during sex? Hahaha..."

  "Mr. Adrian is generous, but he only likes educated women. People like us don't even catch his eye. Otherwise, I'd rather sleep with him for a night than flatter that guy. He's so stingy."

  "Haha! If he were stingy, would he give his fiancée to Mr. Adrian?"

  "You're too naive! Businessmen prioritize their interests. To them, women are like clothes, easily discarded. If Mr. Adrian shares some of his projects with him, he can obtain several villas in return. A fiancé? I bet he'd even give away his wife if necessary."

  "Tsk, tsk... Being a wealthy man's wife is no easy task! Marrying only to be sold off. It seems Mr. Adrian might have something planned for her tonight."

  "Of course! Otherwise, why would they keep pouring drinks for the bride-to-be, who is getting married tomorrow? Don't they know it will delay the wedding? But it's none of our concern. Let's just mind our own business..."

  Sarah covered her mouth, sobering up halfway. The scattered pieces of information pointed directly at her.

  Matthew intended to give her away to Mr. Adrian at the reception? That middle-aged man with a potbelly and a greasy face, old enough to be her father?

  Meanwhile, Sarah began resent her fiancé. She had never expected anyone to be so repulsive. Even if he didn't like her, how could he intend to offer his wife for the sake of business interests?

  She, Sarah, was not a plaything for these despicable men.

  Pushing open the door, she turned on the tap and splashed cold water on her face, trying to extinguish the anger burning within her. The icy water didn't dampen her fury; instead, it fueled her desire for revenge.

  Leaving the restroom, she decided to expose the ugly faces of these men in front of everyone at the reception. Feeling like a warrior, though stumbling and unsteady, she marched down the corridor and accidentally collided with a man.

  Perhaps it was because of the influence of the cocktails, or his pair of dark, profound eyes that seemed to captivate souls, or her overwhelming desire for revenge, she lost herself; she gazed this attractive man and, in a moment of distraction, blurted out, "I want you! Do you want me?"

  "Sure!" The man hesitated for a moment, then agreed.

  From that moment on, Sarah became lost in him, following him into the suite, diving headfirst into the whirlpool of desire.

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